At the center of this project is the belief that film is a potent learning tool. Though no film tells the entire story of an individual’s life, it can be a catalyst because of its reach and power. Film is unmatched in its ability to “shine a light” on a subject, and this is its greatest asset; motivating people to seek out knowledge and understanding of complex subjects in all their infinite nuances. 

C & O Canal Hike 1954 “The Immortal Nine”

Left to Right:
  Grant Conway from the Washington Canoe Club
  Olaus J. Murie, Wilderness Society President
  Jack Pearmain, proponent of organic farming who rode his bike to the hike
                                  from Boston and distributed seaweed tablets to the hikers.
  Colin Ritter, an Air Force geographer
  Albert Farwell, of Vienna, VA.
   William O. Douglas
  Harvey Broome, VP of the Wilderness Society, member of the Smoky
                                     Mountain Hiking Society
  George Miller, Washington publisher, retired psychologist and educator,
                                  member of the Potomac Appalachian Trail Chapter
  Constance Southworth, Washington Audubon Society
Source: National Park Service